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The Changing Face of Indian Food in America By Quickly
Fast food Mar 11, 2023
Making the American palate bolder by streamlining Indian food, Quicklly resonates with growing South Asians via its diverse Indian offerings. 

Eminent voices and the growing South Asian population in the USA have put Indian food on the global radar. While global icons like Tom Cruise to Bill Gates openly confess their love for Indian food, the burgeoning population has expedited the rising demand for desi flavors - resulting in Indian eateries and ethnic stores all over the American map. The western population is very aware of 'palak paneer' or 'chicken butter masala' - whether you call samosa, a potato-filled fried pastry, or Chole Bhature, a chickpea curry with fried flatbreads, you can't hide your love for Indian food! 

Pioneering in the fast-growing food delivery ecosystem, Quicklly's on-time delivery of diverse Indian food and groceries has positioned the company as the nation's leading online South Asian marketplace. Amidst the historical forecast of the online food delivery market reaching US$231.30bn in 2023, Quicklly has taken active and aggressive measures to make authentic Indian food affordable and accessible to every corner of the nation. 


Powering the DNA of Indian Food in America

Indian food is vast. The diversity of tastes and flavors reflecting its vibrant culture continues to enchant its lovers, and every desi swears by the love for masaledaar Indian food. The demand for Indian piquancy is getting stronger, and to meet the cravings of the world's second-largest immigrant group, Quicklly turns heads with an array of locally sourced Indian food delivery prepared by cuisine experts. 

We are a one-stop shop for South Asian food and groceries. Partnered with 100+ restaurants featuring 1,50,000+ traditional, hard-to-find, specialty, and top-selling Indian products, we are catering to the cravings for a home-cooked taste that was once a distant hope for the Indian population in America. You can simply Indian food order online, and we deliver warm fresh food right to your doors. 

"We are unique in many ways. Our products fly off the shelf in no time for being authentic and of the highest quality. We love spicy Indian food and aim to connect its diverse and strong taste to every pocket of America," says Keval Raj, Co-founder of Quicklly. "Indian population in America is growing at lightning speed, and Quicklly is a way to make everyone feel at home while away from their loved ones," he added. 

Our range of Indian food and groceries is a permanent fixture in the dining landscape of every desi family or Indian food lover. Whether you're craving restaurant Indian food, Ready to eat Indian meals, Indian sweets and snacks online, Indian meal kits, homemade Indian snacks online USA, fresh Indian groceries, Indian sweets gift baskets, or Indian traditional food recipes, we've it all. 


Home to Authentic Indian Food and Groceries

We offer free doorstep delivery of Indian food and groceries across the USA. Every Indian food is made using selected ingredients by experts, and groceries are locally sourced for farm-fresh consumption. Nothing says "treat your loved ones" like edible gifting does. Make your loved ones' moment perfect with Quicklly Moments, centered around gifting authentic Indian delights, a heartfelt note, and a pre-recorded video. 

Quicklly is a one-stop destination for all your Indian food and grocery needs. No matter how far you're from your homeland, your tasty desi food is just a click away. 

Order Indian food online now! 
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